The Community Garden Society of St. Paul, Alberta a non-profit society operated by a Board of Directors and dedicated volunteers.  The society offers garden plots for local residents to grow their own vegetables, fruits and flowers using organic methods.  





The Community Garden will be Operating this season. Public Health has approved our Protocols for addressing the Covid 19 Situation


• The garden sites will be monitored at intervals during the day but on a daily basis by a member of the Board of Directors of the Community Garden Society.
• Only gardeners will be allowed to access the garden sites. No visitors, volunteers or maintenance groups will be allowed access until the Covid 19 situation has resolved itself.
• Only Children who are old enough to responsibly recognize social distancing requirements will be allowed to accompany parents who are gardening.
• Gardeners will be advised to not work in the garden if they feel ill
• Anyone with signs of illness will be required to leave the site
• Social distancing guidelines of remaining at least 2 metres apart will be enforced at all times. (social distancing signs will be posted at strategic locations). The large garden plot size makes it easy for gardeners to ensure they maintain the social distancing requirement.
• Cleaning and sanitation protocols will be in place, such as
o Regular cleaning of contact surfaces including the garden shed padlocks and the water tank spigots.
o The garden water tank will serve as a Hand-washing station c/w posted hand washing information.
o hand-sanitizer stations will be set up on the exterior and interior of the garden shed door.
o The Community Garden Society will supply and maintain the supply of PPE such as disposable gloves, hand sanitizer and sanitizer wipes
• Gardeners will be asked to bring their own tools and equipment if possible.
• Equipment such as rototillers and tools such as hoes, forks and spades, that are used in common will be sanitized by gardeners before and after garden work.
• Public benches and picnic tables will be cordoned off
• We have postponed the community garden tour which usually takes place during the last week of July.


2020 Annual General Meeting - Cancelled
Tuesday May 5, 2020 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM



Feel free to contact us for garden plot information 

Dave Robinson @ 587-252-4651 or email


 "Gardens are the first sign of commitment to a community.
When people plant, they are saying 'Let's stay here'. And by their connection to the land,
they are connected to one another."
- Anne Raver


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